Online Workshops

This site contains several online workshops. These reflect the physical workshops that I provide. The online modules can be used to support my physical workshops or used instead of attending a workshop. You can sign up for free and log on to workshops of your choice. I also take requests so workshops on Google and Mail Chimp are in the pipeline. Some of the existing modules can also be expanded if there is a particular area you are interested in. The modules are inexpensive or you may have been given a pass key.

Digital Start-ups

My Digital start-up service will give you everything you might need from hardware/software advice, email, domains, accounting, invoicing e.t.c. Check out the video for some ideas. This is a bespoke service and can be delivered in groups or one to one and can be amixture of face to face and online support. Contact to discuss
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Images For Web and Social Media

Images are the cornerstone of almost everything you do these days be it websites, blogging, social media, print and online marketing. This workshop will cover a comprehensive range of resources which are mostly free or at least low-cost. Live now

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Free Tools For Productivity & Collaboration

Using FREE Digital tools you could release yourself from the tyranny of the office, the workstation and software. This workshop will introduce you to some key tools and concepts for Cloud Computing and online collaboration Live now
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Digital Story Telling

Digital Storytelling is a relatively new media form which usually refers to individuals using digital tools to produce a personal narrative. See some examples here. Live Now

Strategies and Practices for Social Media Marketing

Social Media is the current hot potato, but some companies are simply diving in and not getting it right. This workshop will introduce you to the tools and practices that will help you form your own social media strategy and grow your reach and influence in the social media world. Currently delivered  face to face. Online version coming soon.


Wordpress runs 20% of the worlds websites. It is easy to use, very versatile and best of all FREE. We have three workshops - Basic, Intermediate and Free and we can do deals on a mix and match basis: Contact to discuss Live now

Intro to SEO, Analytics and Webmaster Tools

The SEO workshop will demystify the black art of Search Engine Optimisation and introduce you to the tools and concepts you need to run a healthy and active website. How to keep your content appropriate and consumable and attractive to the search engines. Currently delivered  face to face. Online version coming soon.


This workshop is NOT about Websites or Content Management Systems (CMS). It’s about the tradition of Blogging and Journalistic approaches and a range of tools, resources and processes to support it. Currently delivered  face to face. Online version coming soon.


Hootsuite is THE social media dashboard. Whilst alternatives exist they either don’t have the same quality of functionality or are very expensive. Currently delivered  face to face. Online version coming soon.